1. How much does a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test cost?

We use a sophisticated, state-of-the-art Kardivar machine to carry out HRV testing, which is reflected in the price. We charge £60 (inc. VAT) for your first 30 minute consultation, which includes a 5 minute HRV test. However, for a limited time only, we are offering this for £30. All follow-up consultations last 20 minutes, include a 5 minute HRV test, and cost £45 (inc. VAT).

2. Can I eat and drink before the HRV test?

We recommend that you refrain from eating, drinking and intense exercise for 2 hours before the test to minimize the stress load on the body. However, drinking a small amount of water is fine.

3. Will I feel any pain or discomfort during the HRV test?

No. However, some clients report feeling a slight tingling at the points where the electrodes meet the skin, but this is not painful in any way.

4. Can I talk during the test?

Talking can increase the heart rate so we recommend that you relax in silence for the full 5 minutes, if possible.

5. How much do Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements cost?

Each bottle of 120 capsules costs £60 (inc. VAT). The total cost will be discussed after you take a HRV test, as this determines both your current health status and supplement needs. 

6. Can I buy Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements cheaper online?

You can buy various brands of carnosine, co-enzyme Q10 and flavonoids online but you won’t be able to buy specific Mitochondrial Therapy™ formulas. Dr Michael Kucera, along with a team of scientists, spent years perfecting them to give the maximum health effects from a small dose and for this reason you will not be able to find anything like them available to buy online.

7. Are the Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements formulas approved in the UK?

Yes. Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements comply with the regulations set out by the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency.

8. Do I need to change my diet?

No. While you are taking Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements you can continue to eat as normal.

9. Are there any side-effects from taking Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements?

No. Mitochondrial Therapy uses 100% natural ingredients and does not cause any side-effects.

10. Can I continue to take prescribed medication and other food supplements?

Yes. You should continue to take any prescribed medications and food supplements while on the programme. We also advise that you inform your doctor that you are taking Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements, even though the ingredients in the supplements do not interact with any medication or food supplement. 

11. Who are Dr Michael Kucera M.D. and Sheri Dixon?

Dr Michael Kucera is a medical doctor and scientist who specializes in anti-ageing medicine. He was part of a group of scientists headed by Dr R. M. Baevsky who worked with Russian cosmonauts on the Mars 500 Project at the Institute of Bio-Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Science. Together they studied the effects of stress from cosmic radiation upon the health of Russian cosmonauts and spent 15 years developing food supplement formulas, mostly using the amino acid Carnosine, that would target the mitochondria of each cell supporting the body to cope better with stress. In 2010, Dr Kucera began working with Sheri Dixon, an expert in the field of health, and together they have successfully established Mitochondrial Therapy™ here in the UK and globally.