What is HRV Stress Testing?



Heart Rate Variability testing, or HRV for short, measures your heart rate to give an accurate and detailed analysis of how the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is functioning. The information gathered shows the efficiency of the ANS to adapt to stress, as well as its ability to protect against disease.    


The ANS is important to health because it controls all metabolic processes that happen inside the body by keeping the regulatory systems healthy and balanced – this includes the hormonal, immune and cardiovascular systems. The stronger the ANS, the healthier you can be. 


The ANS has two parts: 

  • Parasympathetic: responsible for rest, digestion and regeneration.
  • Sympathetic: responsible for the 'fight or flight' stress response. 

Both parts should work in harmony to maintain balance and promote health. A HRV Stress Test reveals if your body is functioning in stress mode (sympathetic) or relax mode (parasympathetic). . An imbalance between the two indicates that the ANS is struggling to cope, which can leave the body more open to ill-health and disease.

HRV testing not only shows you exactly how healthy you are on the inside but it gives you prior warning of any potential health risks, making it a great preventative tool for everyone. To learn more about the autonomic nervous system click here.


HRV Testing measures the variation in length between each beat to beat interval of the heart, called R-R intervals, and is measured in milliseconds. The results show whether your Heart Rate Variability is high or low:

  • High HRV means that the time and length between each beat of the heart is varied and flexible indicating that the ANS is highly adaptable to stress and is performing well.  

  • Low HRV means that the time and length between each beat of the heart is more rigid and constant, showing little variability and indicating that the ANS is struggling to adapt to stress and needs extra support.

The test itself only takes 5-minutes and is completed while you sit comfortably in a chair and relax. It is very simple and, more importantly, non-invasive. See a HRV test in action here.

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Example of a printed HRV Stress Analysis Test result. The client scored 4 out of 10.


As shown in the photo, a HRV Stress Test result gives an overall health score ranging from 1 to 10 (with the green zone score of 1-3 being the most optimum) along with a detailed health analysis that reveals the following: 

  • if the ANS is operating in stress mode (sympathetic) or relax mode (parasympathetic).
  • fat burning efficiency for weight management.
  • the total power all systems have to function.
  • whether the body is well-trained or over-trained.
  • if there is any risk of sudden cardiac/death syndrome.

Your results will be fully explained to you during your consultation, and allow your practitioner to recommend healthy practices and Mitochondrial Therapy™ food supplements.

Kardivar HRV Stress Testing Machine hooked up to the laptop and ready to be used.


We use a state-of-the-art Kardivar Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing machine. It is the same technology used by the Mars 500 project at the Institute of Bio-Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences to monitor and study the effects of stress from cosmic radiation on the health of Russian cosmonauts. Dr Michael Kucera M.D, who specializes in anti-ageing medicine, and Sheri Dixon, an expert in the field of health, introduced HRV testing and mitochondrial therapy to the UK in 2010.

HRV testing is a scientific tool that is proven to give 100% accurate results with no placebo effect. However, it does not diagnose, treat, heal or cure any medical conditions.

Watch a HRV Test In Action

A HRV test takes only 5 minutes while you sit and relax in a chair. The results will reveal just how healthy you are on the inside by showing how your autonomic nervous system is performing and how well your body is adapting to stress. (top of page)

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Watch the video to learn about the two sides of the autonomic nervous system (the sympathetic and the parasympathetic) responsible for balancing our stress levels and why they must work in harmony if we are to have excellent health and wellbeing. (top of page) 

To learn more download the eBook:

The Fast Way to Slow Down Ageing - a book explaining HRV stress testing and Mitochondrial Therapy.

Sheri Dixon has worked with Dr Michael Kucera M.D since 2010, successfully establishing HRV testing and Mitochondrial Therapy in the UK. Her book 'The Fast Way To Slow Down Ageing' offers a wonderful and unique insight into the world of health, diet and longevity. It is available to download from Amazon by following this link.

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