Mitochondrial Support


What Are Mitochondria?

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of our cells. They produce the energy and power your body needs to adapt to stress, combat disease, repair and regenerate. Keeping your mitochondria strong and healthy is essential for maintaining your body's energy, health, resilience and performance.  

However, mitochondria are easily damaged by everyday factors, such as stress, pollution and poor diet, which reduces their ability to produce energy. If your mitochondria are damaged you may start to notice symptoms like fatigue, the inability to cope with stress or resist disease, and you may be ageing faster than you need to be. Learn more about mitochondria here. 

What is Mitochondrial Therapy?

Mitochondrial Therapy is a simple and unique health system that uses three specially designed food supplement formulas, which work in harmony to feed, protect and nourish the mitochondria: 

· Carnosine Komplex

· Coenzyme Q10 Komplex

· Flavonoid Komplex

Supporting mitochondrial health in this way means that the regulatory systems of the body, namely the autonomic nervous system that controls your hormonal, immune and cardiovascular systems, can communicate and operate more efficiently. Thus enhancing your body's ability to produce energy, adapt to stress, prevent disease,   

slow down ageing, and live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

To find out if Mitochondrial Therapy is suitable for you, we first ask that you take a short 5-minute Heart Rate Variabilty test. This is to analyse and assess your current health status and allows us to then use the results to recommend the right health programme for you. The test is non-invasive and is carried out while you sit comfortably in a chair and relax. See a HRV test in action here.

Those who have taken part in the programme report an array of positive health changes including:

· better stress control

· increased energy

· enhanced sports performance

· more balanced hormones

· more regulated weight

· improved immunity

· less allergies and intolerances

· improved cognitive function

· feeling more youthful

· and many more

The length of the programme varies from person to person as everyone’s health is individual. But we will guide and support you every step of the way as we want you to get the most out of your therapy and reach your optimum level of health.

If you could like to book a consultation, please contact us here.

The aim of Mitochondrial Therapy is to support the health of the body’s regulatory systems - it does not diagnose, treat, heal or cure any medical conditions.


Mitochondrial Therapy is also known as 'space medicine,' because it was developed by a group of scientists working on the Mars 500 space project at the Institute of Bio-Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They studied the effects of stress from cosmic radiation on the health of Russian cosmonauts. Their research with the amino acid carnosine led them to develop formulas that supported cells against stress damage. Dr Michael Kucera, a medical doctor and specialist in anti-ageing medicine, was part of this research team and together with Sheri Dixon, an expert in the field of health, introduced Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing and Mitochondrial Therapy to the UK in 2010.

Healthy mitochondria - healthy you!

Mitochondria - Watch the video:

Watch this video by Newcastle Mitochondria Group and learn more about the role of mitochondria in our health and wellbeing. Top of page

Watch a HRV Test In Action

A HRV test takes only 5-minutes while you sit and relax in a chair. The results will reveal just how healthy you are on the inside by showing how your autonomic nervous system is performing and how well your body is adapting to stress. Top of page

To learn more download the eBook:

The Fast Way to Slow Down Ageing - a book explaining HRV stress testing and Mitochondrial Therapy.

Sheri Dixon has worked with Dr Michael Kucera M.D since 2010, successfully establishing HRV testing and Mitochondrial Therapy in the UK. Her published book 'The Fast Way To Slow Down Ageing' offers a wonderful and unique insight into the world of health, diet and longevity. It is available to download from Amazon by following this link.

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