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Are you stressed, tired, anxious or depressed? Do you feel like you’re ageing too fast? Do you struggle with your weight, have hormonal imbalances or generally feel unwell? Then maybe we can help.

Have You Tried Mitochondrial Therapy? We Didn't Think So.

Here at Shanti Wellbeing, we believe that the key to optimum health is all down to the body and its ability to cope with stress.  Because stress is a major underlying cause of disease, effective stress management is essential for preventing disease and improving health. Reducing the impact stress has on the body also helps to slow down the ageing process contributing to a longer, healthier and happier life.

We specialise in two cutting-edge techniques that work together to help you reduce stress and increase health and vitality: 

The first step is to take a 5-minute HRV Stress Test (or Heart Rate Variability Test), which is a detailed assessment of how well your body is coping with stress. Depending on the results, we then look at recommending a personalised programme of natural food supplements specially formulated to support, repair and strengthen the body systems that control stress. Taking the full course of supplements, along with regular follow-up HRV Stress Tests, will enable you to not only feel but see the positive changes happening inside your body. 


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How healthy are you? How is your body adapting to the stressors of everyday life? Why do you have certain symptoms? What can do to improve and optimise your health? All of these questions can be answered simply by taking a 5-minute HRV Stress Test (better known as Heart Rate Variability). Not only is it super quick but the information collected will surprise you. The test monitors the variations in your heart rate to show how well your systems are performing to maintain internal health and balance, particularly in relation to stress. This includes your autonomic nervous system, and immune, hormonal, and cardiovascular systems. Just a few minutes of data and you will have a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and what you can do to improve your health. The results will be fully explained to you during your first consultation. 

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The Mitochondrial Therapy Programme is an alternative health system that involves taking specially formulated natural food supplements. You might have taken supplements before but you will not have taken anything quite like these. They are designed to target the mitochondria of each cell (the part that makes the energy) to strengthen and support our bodies from the very core encouraging better adaptability to stress. By supporting and boosting mitochondrial energy at a cellular level, these supplements have the power to increase your overall health and wellbeing in the most natural way possible and are suitable for everyone. Take the supplements and let nature, and your body, do the rest. You are also required to take regular Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Stress Tests throughout the course of your programme as an excellent way of monitoring your progress.

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Shanti Wellbeing works independently in Newcastle upon Tyne but we are also part of a wider group of practitioners based around the UK and globally who all do the same work. Click below to view our official website for more information about Mitochondrial Therapy:

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